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Violin Pictures

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Violin and Bow

Violin and Bow

Woman playing violin

Woman playing violin

Children's violin, bow and case

Children's violin, bow and case
(note the fingering positions marked with colored spots on the violin)

Girl playing violin

Stradivarius violin, Madrid, Spain (image)

A Stradivarius violin (built in 1687-1689) on exhibit at Palacio
Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid). According to the accompanying display card, this violin used to be played in the royal quartet.

Stradivarius violins, built by Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) and his family in Cremona, Italy, are the most famous violins ever created.
(Photo: Gryffindor)

Stradivarius violin played by Swiss violinist (image)

The Swiss violinist, Ursula Bagdasarjanz, playing a Stradivarius violin from the Rolf
Habisreutinger Collection.
(Photo: Ursula Bagdasarjanz, Herrliberg/Zürich)

Carousing Couple (by Judith Leyster) (image)

Merry Company, a wonderful oil painting (on canvas) of a rosy-cheeked happy man and woman enjoying each other's company, drinking and enjoying music.

The man is singing and accompanying himself on a violin and the woman is raising a glass of wine and is about to drink the man's health.

This painting was done in 1630 by the Dutch painter, Judith Leyster (1609-1660) who was active during the Dutch Golden Age. She was a colleague of Frans Hals, who painted The Laughing Cavalier and Gipsy Girl.

The above painting (also known as The Happy Couple and Carousing Couple) is currently located in the Louvre Museum, Paris, France.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
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Note: This picture gallery page features photos (photographs) of violins, plus drawings, paintings, diagrams, images and illustrations of them.

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