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The Rolling Stones

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It's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it
-- It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [song by the Rolling Stones]

Mick Jagger is the perfect rock star. There's nobody more perfect than Jagger. He's rude, he's ugly-attractive, he's brilliant. The Rolling Stones are the perfect rock group -- they don't give a ****.
-- Elton John

I knew what I was looking at. It was sex. And I was just ahead of the pack.
-- Andrew Oldham, Manager of the Rolling Stones, quoted in Philip Norman, The Stones (1984)

Of course, I do occasionally arouse primeval instincts, but I mean, most men can do that. They can't do it to so many. I just happen to be able to do it to several thousand people. It's fun to do that.
-- Mick Jagger

At the moment I have no time for acting, but when it's all over, I think I'd like to go to drama school. I rather go for the contemporaries like the John Cassavetes film Shadows; there was no script, the whole thing was ad-libbed.
-- Mick Jagger

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