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Rock Music in General
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The Birth of Rock & Roll
Bo Diddley Quotes
Chuck Berry Quotes
Fats Domino Quotes
Howlin' Wolf Quotes
John Lee Hooker Quotes
Little Richard Quotes
Muddy Waters Quotes

Bill Haley Quotes
Buddy Holly Quotes
Elvis Presley Quotes
Jerry Lee Lewis Quotes

Instrumental Rock (eg Surf Music)
Dick Dale Quotes

The Sixties
The Animals Quotes
The Beatles Quotes
Bob Dylan Quotes
Janis Joplin Quotes
Jim Morrison Quotes
Jimi Hendrix Quotes

The Rolling Stones Quotes

The Seventies
Abba Quotes
AC/DC Quotes
Bryan Adams Quotes
Aerosmith Quotes
Joan Armatrading Quotes
James Brown Quotes
The Eagles Quotes
Fleetwood Mac Quotes
Elton John Quotes
Led Zeppelin Quotes
Freddie Mercury (Queen) Quotes
Pink Floyd Quotes

The Eighties
Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) Quotes
Michael Jackson Quotes
U2 Quotes

The Nineties
Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Quotes

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Quotable Pop

If there's one thing pop musicians love to do - other than make music, take drugs and sign autographs - it's thinking out loud. This volume collects together some of the quotes of the stars in pop, from the bilious wining of the rich and famous to the pseudo-wisdom proffered by pop's so-called intelligentsia. There are over 600 of these moments: where high profundities, ugly truths, witty asides and utter inanities rub against each other - sometimes within the same sentence.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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