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Elton John

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Sir Elton John (born 1947) is a British singer, composer and pianist.

Elton John's major hits have included: Rocket Man; Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; Candle in the Wind; Don't Go Breaking My Heart; Song for Guy; I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues; and I'm Still Standing.

"I've got to do something to make up for all those self-absorbed and selfish years when I just, you know, was taking drugs, sitting in my room, doing bad things, whatever."
-- Elton John on Larry King Live (Jan. 26, 2002)

"I want to do a musical movie. Like Evita, but with good music."
-- Elton John (1996)

"I tried to commit suicide one day. It was a very Woody Allen-type suicide. I turned on the gas and left all the windows open."
-- Elton John

"Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot. That's me off her Christmas card list. But do I give a toss? No."
-- EJ in October 2004, accusing Madonna of lip-synching during her Re-Invention world tour (Madonna denied it)

"People in England are so bloody nosy"
-- Elton John

"And that wasn't a problem coming out of the closet at all. My parents accepted it. I had, you know, I was very lucky in that respect."
-- EJ on Larry King Live (Jan. 26, 2002)

"Rude, vile pigs! Do you know what that means? Rude, vile pigs. That's what all of you are."
-- EJ berating photographers and TV camera operators who had ambushed him during his arrival in Taiwan in 2004

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