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How to Learn Music

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Piano Tunes

Beginner Piano Tunes: Music and Lyrics of Auld Lang Syne and How to Play It on the Piano with Ease!
Try out this free printable beginner piano lesson for learning to play the old favorite song, Auld Lang Syne, for New Year's Eve! This article includes both the lyrics and music. You will find it surprisingly easy to learn how to play Auld Lang Syne! It is one of a special selection of tunes that can be played on a five-note piano scale called the Pentatonic Scale. You can play it on just the black notes of your piano or keyboard!

Piano Scales

Beginner Piano Scales: An Easy Lesson on Scale Fingering and Music Theory for Piano Students
Music scales are a vital part of a student's musical education. They help the student understand music theory and they train the student in fingering techniques and fluency in playing. So often, though, children find it a nightmare to master all the scales facts and fingering patterns they need to learn for their examinations. All this would be so much easier if students noticed the clear patterns that exist in the structure of piano scales.

Piano Games

Piano Practice Aids: Two Fun Piano or Keyboard Games to Improve Your Child's Piano Playing Skills
Looking for free beginner piano lessons for kids? Here are two fun keyboard games that children really love to play! Help your child or student learn correct hand positions, and play more smoothly and skillfully. It takes quite a bit of concentration to play these mind bending piano note games but they're great fun to master!

Beginner Music Theory

Beginner Music Theory Lesson for Piano Students: Music Terms and How to Read Sheet Music Symbols
For the beginner in piano music, what do all those strange symbols and foreign words mean on your sheet music? And does it matter? If you aim for excellence in your piano music, being able to understand musical symbols, terms and ornaments will help you to follow written music more accurately, play with correct timing and expression, and add attractive ornamentation. This will bring an entirely new dimension to your piano playing!

Beginner Music Theory Lesson for Piano Students: Secret that Could Make or Break Your Piano Music!
How did the piano get its name? The answer to this question highlights a vital and greatly misunderstood piano part that can make or break your music playing! By mastering the Sustain Pedal, today's player of popular piano music can take full advantage of the wonderfully expressive tone and powerful capability of Bartolemeo Cristofori's amazing Soft-Loud machine: the Pianoforte or the Piano.

Piano Technique

Beginner Piano Lesson: Five Tips on Playing the Piano or Keyboard in Public for Students of All Ages
Playing in public can be one of the greatest challenges facing a beginner piano student. Perhaps your teacher has asked you to do a piano recital, or maybe you are playing for a concert or for friends and family. The nervous jitters set in! Yet playing for an audience can also be one of the most rewarding parts of being able to play the piano. Here are five tips to help boost your confidence and maximize your piano performance.

Piano Chords for Beginners

Piano Chords for Beginners 1: Learn to Play the Carol, Silent Night With Three Easy Chords
In this free beginners keyboard lesson on Silent Night, learn how to play this classic Christmas carol with just three simple piano chords. This is just one of many beautiful beginner piano tunes that you can learn to play using only a few basic music chords. Beginner piano chords are easy to master. To play Silent Night you only need the C Major, F Major and G Major piano chords. This article gives you step-by-step instructions!

Piano Chords for Beginners 2: Learn to Play the Carol, Away in a Manger, with Three Simple Chords
Many beautiful beginner piano songs and Christmas carols can be played with just a handful of piano chords. Our previous article in the Piano Chords for Beginners series gave easy piano chords for Silent Night. The beginner piano chords for Away in a Manger are also simple - we only need three Major chords. This free beginner piano lesson gives all the music and instructions. See how quickly you can master the tune and accompaniment of this classic Christmas carol!

Piano Chords for Beginners 3: Learn to Play the Carol, Good King Wenceslas, with Four Basic Chords
In these Piano Chords for Beginners articles, we have been looking at the most common Major chords and using them to make easy beginner piano music for some famous old Christmas carols. For Good King Wenceslas, we need to add a different type of piano chord to our repertoire: the Minor chord. In this free beginner piano lesson, learn how to build Minor chords from Major chords. Master the Minor chords and greatly increase the range of beginner piano songs that you can play!

Piano Chords for Beginners 4: Learn to Play the Carol, O Christmas Tree, with Four Basic Chords
In our Piano Chords for Beginners articles so far, we have seen how to play three classic Christmas carols using simple Major chords and Minor chords. To play the piano accompaniment for this old carol, O Christmas Tree, we need to add yet another important chord type to our piano chord repertoire: the Seventh Chords. These beautiful piano chords are easily constructed and played, and add magnificent tone to your piano music. Boost your confidence in playing beginner piano songs by learning the piano chords in this free piano lesson!

Piano Chords for Beginners 5: Learn How to Play Major and Minor Piano Chords in One Easy Lesson
In this free beginner piano lesson, learn the difference between Major and Minor chords and how to play them quickly and easily! Much of the difference between happy and sad music is due to the common use of Major chords in cheerful songs, and Minor chords in sad songs. It is fascinating that this dramatic difference in tone is achieved by only a slight adjustment of one of the three notes in the chord! This article explains just how this is done.

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