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Piano Brands, Arranged by Country

Major brands of traditional acoustic pianos include:
(United States) Steinway & Sons; Baldwin; Wurlitzer; Chickering; Mason and Rich; Cable; Winter.
(Asia) Yamaha; Kawai; Pearl River; Samick; Young Chang; Nordiska; Carl Ebel; Richter; Daewoo; Hyundai.
(Germany/Austria) Bechstein; Ibich; Blüthner; Feurich; Pfeiffer; Hupfeld; Rönisch; Wilh. Steinberg; Steingraeber; Brückner; Solton; Stenmann; Haessler; Steinway Haus; Bösendorfer; Schimmel; August Förster.
(Czech Republic) Petrof; Scholze; Rösler; Bohemia; Rieger-Kloss.
(France) Pleyel; Gaveau; Rameau; Erard.
(UK) Kemble; Chappell; Collard and Collard; Whelpdale; Knight; Bentley; Welmar; Marshal & Rose; Broadwood; Woodchester.

Major brands of digital pianos include:
Alesis; Casio; Daewoo; Bohm; Ensonio; Farfisa; Gem; Hammond; Kawai; Korg; Kurzweil; Orla; Roland; Solton; Suzuki; Technics; Viscount; Wersi; and Yamaha.

Brief Notes on Major Piano Brands

Founded in 1862, this American manufacturer is America's largest piano builder and produces digital and offers both acoustic and digital pianos in both upright and grand cabinets.

Founded by Carl Bechstein in 1826, Bechstein is one of the great German piano brands.

Founded in 1828 in Vienna, this Austrian produces pianos in the highest price range.

Casio made the world's first home keyboard back in 1981 and it now produces a large range of digital pianos and keyboards in the lower price range.

Founded in 1927, this Japanese piano maker is Japan's second largest and produces both acoustic and digital pianos.

Roland produces a large range of home keyboards, digital pianos, and other electronic musical instruments including synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and audio processing devices

Steinway pianos are in the top quality and price range, and Steinway is regarded as the premium name in pianos. This piano manufacturer was founded in Germany and still produces pianos there under the name of Steinway Haus. Steinway also operates as an independent firm in the United States under the name Steinway & Sons. Steinway & Sons manufactures pianos in the United States.

Since the founder Torakusu Yamaha built Japan's first piano in 1900, Yamaha has built up a large line of acoustic, digital pianos and acoustic/digital pianos.

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Recommended Book

The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano
by Larry Fine

If you are buying a new or used acoustic piano (that is, a piano with strings rather than a digital piano or electric keyboard), this book is a "must buy"!

Reading this easy-to-understand book's detailed descriptions and recommendations will make you more much better-informed and knowledgeable. It will allow you to choose a piano based on the facts instead of relying on the pitches of sweet-talking salespeople.

The Piano Book has chapters on How a Piano Works, Buying a New Piano, Buying a Used Piano, Piano Moving and Piano Care. It also has Consumer Guide to New and Recently Made Pianos which lists pianos listed by brand and ranked according to various important categories.

This book is now in its 4th edition and is truly the Bible for people buying new and used pianos.

Along with this book, you should also buy the "Supplement" (2006-2007 Annual Supplement to The Piano Book) which gives the official list prices for almost every piano manufacturer and model, along with recommendations on the "street prices", that is, the lower prices you can get after discounts (average 15-25% discount!) you can get if you just ask.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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