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Little Richard

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I gave the Beatles their first tour -- I took them to Hamburg before they ever made a record. I gave Mick Jagger his first tour in this country. James Brown was with me. I put Joe Tex in business.
-- Little Richard

I was washing dishes at the Greyhound bus station at the time. I couldn't talk back to my boss man. He would bring all these pots back for me to wash, and one day I said, "I've got to do something to stop this man bringing back all these pots to me to wash," and I said, "Awap bop a lup bop a wop bam boom, take 'em out!"
-- Little Richard, 1969

They shoulda called me Little Cocaine, I was sniffing so much of the stuff! My nose got big enough to back a diesel truck in, unload it, and drive it right out again.
-- Little Richard, quoted in: quoted in Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard, Pt. 4 (1984)

It's not the size of the ship; it's the size of the waves.
-- Little Richard

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Little Richard

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