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Piano Pictures

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Michael plays Steinway piano (image)

Michael from England has played the grand piano in David Jones, a large department store in Sydney, Australia, since 1986.

Photo: John Wagner.

Michael at the keys of the Steinway grand piano (image)

Micahel the pianist plays a wide range of music for passers-by in the department store -- ranging from music from films and shows to popular classics.

Photo: John Wagner.

Interior of Steinway grand piano (image)

The interior of the magnificent Steinway grand piano played by Michael. On the piano the following is written in gilt letters: "Steinway & Sons (New York - Hamburg)".

This piano is eight years old (at the date of this photograph) and is regarded as being in its prime.

Photo: John Wagner.

Piano and choir in diorama (image)

A pianist at the keys of her piano accompanies the choir leader and her choir while they sing "Silent Night".

This photo was taken of part of a diorama in the windows of the David Jones department store, Sydney, Australia.

Photo: John Wagner.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

Note: This picture gallery page features photos (photographs) of pianos, plus drawings, paintings, diagrams, images and illustrations of them.

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