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Pictures of
Antonio Vivaldi

Italian composer and violinist

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One of the most admired composers from the Baroque period, Vivaldi developed the three-movement concerto and wrote over 450 concertos (including many for the violin); operas, oratorios, motets, cantantas and other sacred music. The most popular work of Vivaldi music is The Four Seasons.

Caricature of Antonio Vivaldi by Pier Leone Ghezzi  (image)

Caricature of Antonio Vivaldi by Pier Leone Ghezzi in 1723.

The wording on this caricature is as follows: "Il Prete rosso, Compositore / di Musica che fece / L'opera a Capranica del 1723" (The Red Priest, composer / of music who made / The opera at the Capranica of 1723).

(PD image.)

Engraved Portrait of Antonio Vivaldi (1725).

Artist: François Morellon la Cave.

Portrait of a Venetian violinist of the 18th century that traditionally has been considered to be that of Antonio Vivaldi.

This portrait shows a musician holding both a violin and a plume (or pen). Many argue that this show that this person is both an violinist and a composer. Some say that this musician is Antonio Vivaldi, claiming they can see a lock of red hair peeping out from under the wig -- Vivaldi was known as "il preto rosso" (the red headed priest). Some authorities (such as Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians) have recently disputed whether this painting actually depicts Vivaldi. Some say that this is a portrait of Corelli.

This portrait may be seen in the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica (International Museum and Library of Music), Bologna, Italy.

Vivaldi sonata - title page (imae)

Title page of Vivaldi's Suonate da camera a Trè due Violini, e Violine o Cembalo, op. 1. This work of 12 sonatas was published in Venice in 1705.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
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Note: This picture gallery page includes drawings, paintings, photos and images of Antonio Vivaldi, his music, activities, friends and family, and the various places where the composer lived and wrote.

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