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Pictures of
Ralph Vaughan Williams

English composer

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Vaughan Williams was an English composer. Vaughan Williams music includes: symphonies such as the Sea Symphony, A London Symphony, A Pastoral Symphony and Sinfonia antarctica; concertos; suites such as his Norfolk Rhapsodies, Fantasia on Greensleeves for solo flute, harp and strings; English Folksong Suite for military band; and Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis; and vocal and choral music.

Ralph Vaughan Williams portrait

Ralph Vaughan Williams
(Portrait by William Rothenstein, 1919)

Ralph Vaughan Williams statue, Dorking, UK (image)

Head of the bronze statue of Ralph Vaughan Williams outside Dorking Halls, in the town of Dorking, Surrey, England. Vaughan Williams used to live in Dorking.
(Photo: Leo Leibovici.)

Ralph Vaughan Williams postage stamp (image)

1972 United Kingdom postage commemorating 100 years since the birth of the composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams. In the background can be seen the manuscript (written in the composer's own handwriting) of one of Vaughan Williams' symphonies.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

Note: This picture gallery page includes drawings, paintings, photos and images of Ralph Vaughan Williams, his music, activities, friends and family, and the various places where the composer lived and wrote.

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