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Zampogna (It.). A bagpipe. Zapfenstreich (Ger.). The tattoo.
Zargen (Ger.). The sides of stringed instruments such as the violin, guitar, &c.
Zart (Ger.). Tender, soft, delicate, slender.
Zärtlich (Ger.). Tender, affectionate, soft, delicate.
Zarzuela (Sp.). A short dramatic performance with incidental
songs ; a comic opera, an operetta. Zeichen (Ger.). A sign.
Zeitmass (Ger.). Measure, time.—Im ersten Ztitmass, the time as at first.
Zeitmesser (Ger.). A chronometer, a metronome. Zelosamente (It.). Zealously, ardently.
Zerstreute Harmonie (Ger.). Dispersed, or extended, harmony.
Ziehharmonica (Ger.). The accordion.
Ziemlich (Ger.). Rather.—Ziemlich langsam, rather slow.
Zierlich (Ger.). Elegant, pretty, neat, smart.
Zierrathen (Ger.). Ornaments.
ZigBunerartig' (Ger.). In the style of gipsy music.
Zigeunermusik (Ger.). Gipsy music.
Zingaresca (It.). A song sung by persons masked as gipsies during carnival time. (v. Zingaresco.)
Zingaresco, m., Zingaresca, t, Zingarese (lt.). Pertaining
to, or after the manner of, gipsies.—Alia zingarese, in the gipsy style.
Zingari (It.). Gipsies.
Zinken (Ger.). (1) A family of obsolete wood wind instruments, by the Italians called cornetto. (2) A hollow-toned reed-stop in the organ, usually of 8-feet pitch.

Zither (Ger.). A cither. (1) The old German zither was an instru-ment consisting of a sound-box, a neck with a fretted finger-board, and eight, ten, twelve, or more strings, two and two tuned in unison, which were plucked with a quill or piece of whalebone. (2) The modern zither consists of a low, flat sound-box without a neck, over which are stretched thirty-six or fewer or more strings of various material—steel wire, brass wire, cat-gut—some of them overspun. Under four or five of the strings on one side of the sound-box is a fretted finger-board ; on them the melody is played. These four or five strings the performer, who has the instrument lying before him on a table, stops with his left hand, and plucks with a plectrum attached to his right-hand thumb ; the rest of the strings he plucks with the other fingers of the same hand.

Zitternd (Ger.). Trembling, tremulous.
Zögernd. (Ger.). Lingering, hesitating, slackening in time,
Zolfa (It.). The same as Sol-fa.
Zoppo, m., Zoppa, f. (It.). Lame.—Alia zoppa, in a lame, hob-bling manner. This expression is applied to a rhythmicaj figure in which between two notes there occurs a note twice their length. For instance :

. -p— i ^-n
1—a 1 1 r—*
1 1 S>
#^ * 1 -J F 1 1 1
Zuiällig (Ger.). Accidental.— Zufällige Versetzungszeichen, acci dentals (sharps, flats, naturals).
Zug (Ger.). (I) A draw-stop in the organ, harmonium, harpsichord, &c. (2) A pianoforte pedal. (3) The slide of a trom-bone, &c.
Zugtrompete (Ger.). Lit., "slide trumpet." The soprano trom
Zunehmend (Ger.). Increasing—for instance, in loudness. Cre-scendo.
Zunge (Ger.). Tongue. Zungenblatt (Ger.). The clarinet reed.
Zurückgehend (Ger.). Going back to the original time after an
Zurückhalten (Ger.). To hold back, to retard the time. Zurückhaltung (Ger.). Retardation, slackening the time. Zusammen (Ger.). Together.—Beide Chöre zusammen, both choruses together.
Zusammengesetzt (Ger.). Compound.—Zusammengesetzte Takt-art, compound time. Zwei (Ger.). Two.
Zweichörig (Ger.). (1) For two choruses. (2) With two strings to each note. For instance : Ein zweichbriges Clavier, a bichord pianoforte.

Zweifach (Ger.). Double.—Zweifacher Contrapunkt, double coun-terpoint ; zweifache Intervalle, compound intervals. ZweifÜSSig (Ger.). Of two feet, as applied to organ pipes. Zweigesang (Ger.). A duet.
Zweigestrichene Octave (Ger.). The twice-lined, or twice-accented, octave.
Zweihalbe Takt (Ger.). \ time.
Zweihändig (Ger.). For two hands.
Zweistimmig (Ger.). In two parts, or for two voices or instru-ments.
Zweiunddreissigstel (Ger.). A demisemiquaver.
Zweivierteltakt (Ger. \ f time.

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