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Waits. (1) A kind of shawm. (2) Players on this instrument, (3) Musical watchmen. (4) Musicians performing at night in the open air.—The word is said to have no singular. One of its old spellings is wayghtes.
Waldflöte (Ger.). A flute-stop in the organ.
Waldhorn (Ger.). The French horn, the natural horn—i.e., the
horn without valves. Waltz (Ger.). A dance of German origin in -j or in |- time. One has
to distinguish between the old slow waltz and the modern quick
Walze (Oer.). "A roller." An ascending or descending turn-like figure.
Walzer (Uer.). A waltz.
Wankend (Ger.). Hesitating, wavering, tottering.
Wanne (Ger.). Warmth.—Mit grosser Wärme, with great warmth.
Wasserorgel (Ger.). Hydraulic organ.
Wechselnote (Ger.). A changing note.
VTehmÜtnig (Ger.). Sad, sorrowful, melancholy.
Weich (Ger.). (I) Soft, tender, mellow. (2) Minor.
Weinend (Ger.). Weeping.
Weite Harmonie (Ger.). Extended, or dispersed, harmony. Wenig (Ger.). Little.—Ein wenig schneller, a little faster ; ein klein
wenig langsamer, a very little slower. Wesentlich (Ger.). Essential. Whole note. A semibreve note. Wiederholung (Ger.). Repetition. Wieder schnell (Ger.). Again quick. Wieder zurückhaltend (Ger.). Again retarding.

Wie oben (Ger.). As above. "Wie Vorher (Ger.). As before.
'Wind band (i) A band of players on wind instruments. (2) The players on wind instruments in an orchestra, or their parts, taken collectively.
Wind-Chest. A part of the organ and other wind instruments with bellows.
Windharfe (Ger.). vEolian harp.
Wind instruments. This class of musical instruments may be subdivided into those whose sounds are produced by the breath of the player (flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, &c), and those whose sounds are produced by means of bellows (organ, harmonium, concertina, &c). The former subdivision may be further subdivided into wood and brass instruments ; and brass instruments into instruments with valves or keys, and natural instruments—i.e., instruments without valves or keys.
Windlade (Ger.). Wind-chest.
Wirbel (Ger.). (l) Peg of a violin, guitar, or other similar stringed
instrument. (2) Roll of a drum. (3) Drumsticks. Wirbelkasten (Ger.). Peg-box.
Wolf. The wolf made itself heard in the days of unequal tempera-ment when in organ playing those notes were employed whose intonation had been made less correct in order that the other notes might be more so. (v. Temperament.)
Word painting1. The illustration by the accompanying music of individual words instead of the sense of the words collectively. This is the meaning of this expression in connection with music

Wuchtig (Ger.). Weighty, with a massive vigour-
Würde (Ger.). Dignity.
Würdevoll (Ger.). Dignified.
Wüthend (Ger.). Furious, frantic

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