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Ueberblasen (Ger.). (I) To overblow. (2) Overblowing. Uebergangf (Ger.). A transition, a modulation from one key to another.
Deberleitung (Ger.). An intervening passage which formi the transition from one subject of a composition to another


Ueberinässig (Ger.). Superfluous, augmented, as regards inter-vals and chords.
Uebersclllag'en (Ger.). The crossing of the hands in pianoforte, organ, &c., playing.
Uebersetzen (Ger.). In pianoforte, organ, &c, playing, the passing of a finger over the thumb. In pedal playing the pass-ing of one foot over another.
Uebungen (Ger.). Exercises.
Ugnale (It.). Equal, alike, even.
Ugualità (It.). Equality, likeness.
Ugualmente (It.). Equally, alike.
Umano, umana (It.). Human.— Voce umana, the human voice, the name of an organ stop {vox Aumana), and one of the names of the cor anglais.
Umfang (Ger.). Compass.
Umkehrung (Ger.). Inversion.
Umore (It.). Humour.
Umstimmung (Ger.). A change of tuning or of key—for instance,
of the kettle-drums or of the horn. Un, Une (Fr.). The indefinite article. Un, un', uno, una (It.). The indefinite article. Una (It.). v. Uno. Unca (Lat.); A quaver.
Unda maris (Lat.). Lit., "wave of the sea." An organ stop which, being tuned a little too sharp, produces an undulating effect when used with another stop. See also Vox angelica.

Undecima (Lat. and It.). The eleventh, the interval of an eleventh.
Undecimole (Ger.). A group of notes which divides a bar or part
of a bar into eleven equal portions. Uneigentliche Fuge (Ger.). A fuga irregularis (q.v.). Unendlicher Canon (Ger.). An infinite canon, (v. Canone
Unequal temperament, v. Temperament.
Unessential notes. Notes not forming parts, constituents, of
the harmony ; passing notes, changing notes, &c. Ungarisch (Ger.). Hungarian.* Ungeduldig (Ger.). Impatient. Ungerader Takt (Ger.). Ternary, or triple, time. Ungestüm (Ger.). Impetuous.
Ungleicher Contrapunkt (Ger.). "Unequal counterpoint." A counterpoint whose notes are of different value from those of the canto fermo ; it is the opposite of gleicher Contrapunkt, " equal counterpoint "—i.e., note against note.
Ungleichschwebende Temperatur (Ger.). Unequal tem
Unharmonischer Querstand (Ger.). A false relation.
Unichordum (Lat.). (i) A monochord. (2) The tromba marina.
Unison. Oneness of sound, coincidence of sounds of the same pitch.
Unisono (It.). Unison. AIP unisono, in unison, and at the unison.
Unisonus (Lat.). Unison.^
Unisson (Fr.). Unison.—A Tunisson, in unison, and at the unison. Unitamente (It.). Unitedly, jointly, together with. Unito, Unita (It.). United, joint.
UnO, Una (It.). One. — Una corda, one string, an expression which in pianoforte music demands the use of the shifting pedal.—These words are also forms of the indefinite article. (v. Un.)
Un petl plus lent (Fr.). A little slower. Un pochettino (It.). A very, very little. Un pochino (It.). A very little.
Un pOCO (It.). A little. — Un poco accelerando, accelerating the
time a little ; un poco piü mosso, a little quicker. Unrein (Ger.). Out of tune. Unruhig (Ger.). Restless, disquiet. Unschuldig (Ger.). Innocent.
UnterbaSS (Ger.). A sub-bass, the deepest of the flue-stops of an
organ. It must be at least of 16-feet pitch. Unterbrochene Cadenz (Ger.). An interrupted cadence. Unterdominant (Ger.). The subdominant. Unterhalbton (Ger.). The leading note. Unterleitton (Ger.). The fourth degree of the scale. Untennediante (Ger.). The submediant. Untersatz (Ger.). The same as Unterbass.
Untersetzen (Ger.). Passing the thumb under the other fingers in pianoforte, organ, &c, playing. In pedal playing the passing of one foot below the other.
Unterstimme (Ger.). The lowest part of a composition.
Untertasten (Ger.). The lower (now always white) keys of a pianoforte, organ, &c.

Unverziert (Ger.). Unornamented, simple.
Unvollkommen (Ger.). Imperfect.—Unvollkommene Cadenz, or Unvollkommener Tomchluss, imperfect cadence.
Uomo (It.). A man.— Primo uomo, a male soprano, a castrato.
Upbeat. (1) The raising of the foot, hand, or stick, in beating time. (2) The unaccented part or parts of a bar.
Upbow. In violin playing the bow-stroke in the direction from the point to the nut.
Ut. (1) The first of the Aretinian syllables. (2) The name of the
note C in France. Ut bemol (Fr.). C flat.—Ut Mmol majeur, C flat major. Ut diese (Fr.). C sharp.—Ut diese mineur, C sharp minor. Ut supra (Lat.). As above.

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