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I (It.). The masculine plural form of the definite article in Italian. Iambus. A metrical foot consisting of a short and a long syl-lable : —
Iastian. One of the Greek modes, and identical with Ionian. Idillio (It.). An idyl.
Idyl. Lit., " a little image." A short pastoral composition. Idylle(Fr.). An idyl.
II (It.). The masculine singular form of the definite article in Italian.
Il doppio movimento (It.). A movement twice as fast as the
preceding one. The time twice as fast as before. II fine (It.). The end.
Il piti (It.). The most.—// più presto possibile, as quick as possible. Imboccatura (It.). (1) The mouthpiece of a wind instrument.
(2) The mode of producing the tone of a wind instrument. Imbroglio (It.). Embroilment, confusion. Intricate rhythmical


Imitando (It.)- Imitating.
Imitatio (Lat. ). Imitation.—Imitatio canonica, canonie imitation. (v. Canon.) Other expressions accompanying the word imitati» are explained in connection with the word fuga or in special articles.
Imitation. The exact or modified repetition of a phrase or subject by another part than that by which it was proposed, (». Canon: Fuga, and Fugue.)
Imitazione (It.). Imitation.
Immer(Ger. ). Always, continuously.—Immer schwdeker, becoming
softer and softer. Immutabilis (Lat.). One of the accentus ecclesiastici. Impaziente (It.). Impatient. Impazientemente (It.). Impatiently. Imperfect cadence, v. Cadence.
Imperfect consonances. The minor and major thirds and sixths.
Imperfect intervals. Thus are sometimes called the diminished octaves, fifths, and fourths—i.e., the perfect intervals lessened by a semitone.
Imperioso (It.). Imperious, haughty.
Impeto (It.). Impetuosity.—Con impeto, with impetuosity.
Impetuosamente (It.). Impetuously.
Impetuosità (It.). Impetuosity.
Impetuoso (It.). Impetuous.
Imponente (It.). Imposing.
Impresario (It.). A manager of a theatre or concert. Impromptu. A piece composed off-hand, or having the appearance
of being thus composed. Improvisateur (Fr.). A male improviser. Improvisatrice (Fr.). A female improviser. Improviser (Fr.). To improvise. Improvvisamente (It.). Extemporaneously. Improvvisare (It.). To improvise.
Improvvisata (It. )o An impromptu. An improvisation. Improvvisatore (It.). An improviser. One who creates and
performs off-hand and simultaneously. Improvvisatrice (It.). A female improviser. In altissimo (It.). Thus are called the notes from g"' tofm. In alto (It.), or in alt. Thus are called the notes from^" to/"". Incalzando (It.). Spurring on, hastening. Incarnatus (Lat.). A part of the Credi. Incrociamento (It.). Crossing. Indeciso (It.). Undecided.
Indifferente, Indifferentemente, Con indifferenza (It.).
Careless, with indifference. In distanza (It.). Indicates that a passage has to be performed u
if the sound came from a distance. Infernale (It.). Infernal, hellish.

Infinite canon. A canon without a close which goes on for ever. Infiatilia (Lat.). Wind instruments.
InfrabaSS (Lat.-Ger.). An organ stop of 16-feet pitch, a sub-bass. In fretta (It.). In haste.
In&ranno (It.). Lit., "a deceit."—Cadenza d'inganno, a deceptive
cadence. Inhalt (Ger.). Contents.
In lontananza (It.). The same as in distanza.
Inner parts. Those parts which lie between the extreme parts—
i.e., between the highest and the lowest part. Inner pedal. A sustained, or holding, note in an inner part. Innig (Ger.). With deep, genuine feeling. Inno (It.). A hymn. Innocente (It). Innocent. Innocentemente (It.). Innocently. Innocenza (It.). Innocence. In partito (It.). In score. Inquieto (It.). Restless, uneasy. Insensibile (It.). Imperceptible. Insensibilmente (It.). Imperceptibly. Inständig (Ger.). Urgent, pressing. Instante (It.). Urgent, pressing.
Instrument. Musical instruments may be divided into three classes: stringed instruments (q.v.), wind instruments (a.v.), and instruments of percussion (q.v.).
Instrument à archet (Fr.). A bow instrument.
Instrument à Cordes (Fr.). A stringed instrument.
Instrument à percussion (Fr.). A percussion instrument.
Instrument à vent (Fr.). A wind instrument.
Instrumentation. The act and art of writing for a plurality of instruments of different kinds.
Instrumenti (It.). Plural of instrumento.
Instrumentirung (Ger. ). Instrumentation.
Instrumento (It. ). An instrument, (v. Stromento. )
Intavolare (It.). To write down.
Intavolatura (It.). (I) Notation. (2) Tablature. (3) Figured bass. Interlude. (1) What is acted, sung, or played between the acts
of a play or opera. (2) Also what is played between the verses
of a chorale, a psalm, or hymn tune. Interludium (Lat.). An interlude (q.v.).
íEtoSÍdioTíA i Whattis fact1- sung>or p,ayed between the
Intermezzo (It). J acts of a Pla? or °Pera-
InterrogatiVUS (Lat.). One of the accentus ecclesiastici. Interrotto (It.). Interrupted.
Interrupted cadence, v. Cadence.
Interruzione (It.). Interruption.—Senza interruzione, without interruption.
Interval. v. Introduction, § II., p. 3, and § VII., p. 12, &c.


Intimo (It.). Inward, heartfelt.—Con iniimo sentimento., with
deep, genuine feeling. Intonare (It.). To intone.
Intonation, (i) The act and art of producing sound from the voice or an instrument, both as regards quality and pitch. (2) A voice's or instrument's capacity of yielding sound. (3) The initial phrase sung alone by the officiating priest or leading chorister of the antiphon and other portions of the divine service in Roman Catholic churches. (4) The opening notes, those before the reciting note, of the Gregorian chant.
Intonatura, Intonazione (It.). Intonation.
Intrada (It.). A prelude; introductory piece ; flourish of trumpets.
Intrepidameilte (It.). Fearlessly, boldly.
Intrepidezza (It.). Intrepidity, boldness.
Intrepido (It.). Fearless, bold, intrepid.
Introduzione (It.). Introduction.
Introit. The antiphon with which the mass opens. It is begun
when the priest approaches the steps of the altar. Introito (It.), Introitus (Lat.). Introit.
Inventions. The name of thirty pieces by J. S. Bach, imitative in form, and of an impromptu character.

Inversion. (1) An interval is inverted by transposing the lower of two notes an octave higher or the upper an octave lower. {v. Introduction, § VII., pp. 12 and 13). (2) A chord is inverted by placing the third, fifth, seventh, or ninth in the bass instead of the fundamental note. (v. Introduction, § VIII., pp. 15, &c.) (3) A subject is inverted when its motion is contrary to that of the original, when the notes that before ascended descend, and the notes that before descended ascend. (4) In double counter-point, inversion is the placing of an upper part under a lower part, or a lower part above a higher one, by transposing them an octave, tenth, or other interval higher or lower.
Invitatorium (Lat.). A verse sung in the Roman Catholic Church at the beginning of Matins alternately with two verses of the 94th Psalm. The concluding words are generally "Venite adoremus."
Ionian. (1) In the ancient Greek system, the name of the octave species (in later times called Hypophrygian) gabcdefg, and 01 one of the transposition scales, (v. Iastian.) (2) In the mediaeval ecclesiastical system, the name of the octave species c d e fg a ic, the thirteenth (seventh authentic) mode. [v. Church modes.)
Ira (It.). Anger, wratn, passion. - Con ira, angrily, passionately.
Irato (It.). Angry, passionate.
Irian dais, irlandaise (Fr.). Irish.
Ironicamente (It.). Ironically.
Ironico (It.). Ironic.
Irresoluto (It.). Irresolute, undecided.
IsteSSO (It.). The same.—Viitesso tempo, the same time, the same movement.
Istrumentazione (It.)- Instrumentation. Istrumenti (It.). Plural of {strumento. Istrumento (It.). An instrument, (v. Stromento.) Italian sixth. The chord of the Italian sixth consists of a bass note, major third, and augmented sixth—for instance, a ¡7, «Y/'Ç. Italiano, m., italiana, f. (It.). Italian.
Italien, m., italienne, f. (Fr.). Italian.—A ritalienne, in the Italian style.
Ite missa est (Lat.). The concluding words of the mass.

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