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Harpsichord Pictures

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Harpsichord built in 1646 (image)

This harpsichord was originally constructed by Andreas Ruckers (Antwerp, 1646). In the following century it was remodeled and expanded by Pascal Taskin (Paris, 1780).

Gérard Janot.

The Harpischord Lesson (image)

The harpsichord lesson (original title in French: La leçon de clavecin), an oil painting by Jules-Alexis Muenier (1863-1942).
At one time this painting was exhibited in the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France.

The Harpsichord Lesson, a painting by Jan Steen (image)

The Harpsichord Lesson (c. 1660-69) by Jan Steen (c. 1625-1679).

"An old fool, in out-moded dress, masquerades as the music teacher of a prim young Miss seated at a harpsichord. The interior is well-to-do, as demonstrated by the richly carved doorway, gilt-framed painting, musical instrument, and beautifully rendered silks of the young lady’s costume.(...) The girl epitomizes the beautiful, but emotionally reserved woman, distinguished by her accomplishments, especially her musical ability. Not only is there a difference of age between the protagonists of the drama, but also a huge social gulf, which makes the old man’s passion appear all the more presumptuous."

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

Note: This picture gallery page features photos (photographs) of harpsichords, plus drawings, paintings, diagrams, images and illustrations of them.

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