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Suite, "Ruses d'Amour". Op. 61

Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov

The suite, "Ruses d’Amour," one of the most elaborate of Glazunov’s dance compositions, is made up of selections from a ballet of the same name which was written in 1898. It contains five movements. The first is entitled "Introduction, Gavotte, Musette, Sarabande, and Farandole." The introduction, based upon two melodies, is a graceful prelude to the opening scene of the ballet. Melodious themes are given out by the flutes and strings, and a brief interlude leads to a charming Gavotte and Musette. A short Sarabande follows giving place to a lively Farandole. After the reprise the first movement closes with a brilliant climax. The second movement, "Grand Valse," based upon two themes with a Coda developed from the first theme, tells its own story. The theme is introduced in the clarinet, eventually appearing in the strings. The third movement, "Ballabile des Paysans et Paysannes," is, as its title indicates, a pastoral dance. The fourth movement, "Grand Pas des Fiancés," is a tender, graceful romanza for solo violin and cello. The closing movement, "La Fricassée," is a sprightly, gay piece of music, full of dash and humor, its opening subject given out by violas and cellos, leading to the main theme heard in the violins.

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