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Flute Pictures

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Native flute

Wooden native flute

Chinese flute player

A figurine of a Chinese man playing traditional Chinese flute

Multiple Flute

This multiple flute is designed so that a single player can perform on two flutes at one time.

Yuma musician with flute (image)

A Yuma musician in body paint playing flute. The Yuma are a native North American tribe who live in Arizona, United States.

Photographer: I. W. (Isaiah West) Taber (1830-1912).

Drum and flute, Independence Day march, New York, 1910 (image)

Drummers and flute players in an Independence Day parade, on 4 July 1910, New York, United States.

African American with a flute on cover of Virginia Melodies (image)

An African American with a flute on the front cover of Virginia Melodies: A Selection of the most popular National Airs arranged in an easy manner for the Flute.

Edited and arranged by Alexander Kyle and published in New York City by John F. Nunns, c. 1844.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

Note: This picture gallery page features photos (photographs) of flutes, plus drawings, paintings, diagrams, images and illustrations of them.

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