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La Fille du Régiment
An Opera by Gaetano Donizetti

The scene of this opera is laid in the Tyrol. Years before the story opens, Marie had been found, after a battle, by Sergeant Sulpice of the 11th Regiment of the Grand Army of Napoleon. Taking a fancy to the child, he adopted her, or rather, induced his regiment to do so. Marie is now a fine young woman. Matters are in this situation when she is rescued from impending death by a Tyrolese peasant named Tonio. The pair fall in love; but the regiment has the right of determining Marie’s marriage suitor, and Tonio is required to join the regiment in order to secure her hand. Everything is going right, when suddenly the Marchioness of Berkenfeld appears and identifies Marie as her long-lost niece. So Marie is carried off to the castle of the Marchioness, and Tonio is left lamenting. Subsequently the regiment, with Tonio at its head, arrives in the neighbourhood of the castle. But the Marchioness is still determined against the low-born lover, and Marie, in an agony of grief, consents to part with him. Later on, at the psychological moment, the Marchioness relents, and Tonio’s constancy is rewarded in the usual way.

"La Fille du Régiment" (The Daughter of the Regiment) is full of smooth, melodies, and animated music, but there is nothing striking requiring comment.

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