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Pictures of
Anton Bruckner

Austrian composer

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Bruckner was an Austrian composer and organist. Bruckner is chiefly famed for his nine symphonies. Bruckner music also includes sacred vocal music, chamber music and organ music.

Anton Bruckner, 1910, on old postcard (image)

Anton Bruckner, c. 1910.
Source: Old postcard.

Anton Bruckner portrait, sometime before 1917 (image)

Anton Bruckner wearing the Order of Franz Joseph. This portrait was painted by by Josef Büche (1848-1917). The date of this portrait is unknown but is sometime before 1917.

Anton Bruckner at the organ (image)

A silhouette of Anton Bruckner at the organ.

Source: Dr. Otto Böhler's Schattenbilder [Dr. Otto Böhler's Silhouettes](Vienna, Austria, Wilhelm Lechner, 1914).
Artist: Otto Böhler (1847-1913).

Richard Wagner offers snuff to Anton Bruckner (image)

German composer Richard Wagner (on the left) offers a pinch of snuff to Anton Bruckner, c. 1873.

A silhouette by Otto Böhler (1847-1913).

Richard Wagner and Anton Bruckner in Bayreuth, Germany (image)

Wagner (on the left) and Bruckner in Bayreuth, Germany (1873).

Source: Otto Böhler, Dr. Otto Böhler's Schattenbilder [Dr Otto Böhler's Silhouettes], Vienna, Wilhelm Lechner, 1914.

Bruckner's Arrival in Heaven (image)

"Anton Bruckner's Arrival in Heaven". (A silhouette drawing by Otto Böhler.)

Bruckner is being greeted in heaven by many famous classical composers: (from left to right) Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann,
Carl Maria von Weber, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Joseph Haydn, George Friderich Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach (the last-mentioned is playing the organ). On all sides are little putti (cherubs; cupids) who are playing musical instruments.

The German wording on the above image is:
-- Dr Otto Böhler's Schattenbilder (Dr Otto Böhler's Silhouettes)
-- Bruckner's Ankunft im Himmel (Bruckner's Arrival in Heaven).

Source: Dr Otto Böhler, Dr. Otto Böhler's Schattenbilder [Dr. Otto Böhler's Silhouettes], Vienna, Wilhelm Lechner, 1914. Artist: Otto Böhler (1847-1913).

Anton Bruckner and his critics (image)

Bruckner and his critics. A drawing by Otto Böhler (1847-1913).

Title (in German):
Anton Bruckner, von Kritikern verfolgt (Eduard Hanslick, Max Kalbeck und Richard Heuberger) [Anton Bruckner Followed by Critics (Eduard Hanslick, Max Kalbeck and Richard Heuberger).].

Caption (in German): "Der Künstler wallt im Sonnenschein, die Tintenbuben hinterdrein." [The artist surges forth in the sunshine, and after him the ink boys.]

Source of this information: Klaus Günzel, Die deutschen Romantiker: 125 Lebensläufe: Ein Personenlexikon (Zurich, Artemis & Winkler, 1995).

Bruckner's favorite organ in Saint Florian Abbey (image)

The organ which Bruckner loved to play in Saint Florian Priory (monastery), in the town of Sankt Florian, near Linz, Austria.

Anton Bruckner on Austrian postage stamp issued in 1922 (image)

Anton Bruckner is here depicted on a postage stamp issued by Austria in 1922.

Anton Bruckner on a German postage stamp issued in 1996 (image)

The Austrian composer Anton Bruckner as shown on this postage stamp issued by Germany in 1996.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

Note: This picture gallery page includes drawings, paintings, photos and images of Anton Bruckner, his music, activities, friends and family, and the various places where the composer lived and wrote.

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