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Big Bangs:
The Story of Five Discoveries that Changed Musical History

by Howard Goodall

If you love classical or popular music, you'll love this book!

Big Bangs is a fascinating journey through the history of music. It provides a riveting account of the discoveries that made possible everything in music from Bach to The Beatles!

The author's infectious enthusiasm makes this book a great read -- packed with humour and very easy to understand. Wonderful material for the musical classroom and perfect for bedtime reading!

From the back cover:
* Who First Invented 'Doh Re Mi...'?
* What Do We Mean by 'In Tune'?

Looking back a thousand years, composer and broadcaster Howard Goodall guides us through five seismic developments in the history of Western music. His 'big bangs' may not be the ones we expect - some are surprising and some are so obvious that we overlook them - but all have an extraordinary impact.

Howard Goodall proposes that the five most important breakthroughs in the history of Western music were:

1. The invention of notation by an 11th century Italian monk, which removed the creation of music from the hands of the players to the pens of the composers;
2. The invention of opera;
3. The invention of equal temperament ('accidentals will happen');
4. The invention of the piano ('the amazing loud soft machine'); and
5. The invention of recorded sound.

Howard Goodall has the gift of making these complicated musical advances both clear and utterly fascinating. Racy and vivid in a narrative full of colourful characters and graphic illustrations of technical processes, he also gives a wonderful sense of the culture of trial and error and competition, be it in 11th century Italy or 19th century America, in which all progress takes place.

The author, Howard Goodall, is a British composer and broadcaster. He has written the theme tunes for many TV programs including Blackadder, Mr Bean, Red Dwarf and The Vicar of Dibley and he presents BBC TV's annual Choir of the Year competition. This book is based on the TV program Big Bangs, one of several highly acclaimed TV programs from Howard Goodall.

What the critics say:
"Goodall has a prodigious gift for gathering information. People who know nothing about music will learn a lot here." --Sunday Tribune

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