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Artie Shaw
American jazz clarinetist, composer, and bandleader

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"It ["Begin the Beguine"] became such a hit that it superseded anything that any band had ever had. It was the first time that a so-called swing band played something melodic and still gave it a beat."
-- Artie Shaw, On, as quoted in: Artie Shaw, the Reluctant 'King of Swing' (2002).

"You know somethin', man? Some day I'm gonna be walkin' up the street one way and you're gonna be comin' down the other way, and we're gonna pass each other and I'm gonna say 'Hello, best white band in the world' and you're gonna say 'Hello, best colored band in the world."
-- Chick Webb to Artie Shaw

"I think that band [Glenn Miller] was the beginning of the end. It was a mechanized version of what they called jazz music. I still can't stand to listen to it."
-- Artie Shaw

"Somebody asked me once, 'Do you think that swing will ever come back?' And I said, 'Do you think the 1938 Ford will ever come back?' "
-- Artie Shaw

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