Here Are Just A Few Comments From Real People All Over the World About 'Playing Music Scales With Ease':
"Playing Musical Scales With Ease nicely simplifies complicated theory. I am certain that practicing using the tricks and tips will dramatically improve my overall knowledge and ability."

- Richard Wills, Friday Harbor, WA

"Playing Musical Scales With Ease is an excellent e-book. It worked great not only for my students but also for myself. I always had trouble learning scales when I took lessons and dreaded having to teach my students how to play them. This book made it really easy.

- Jessica Meyer, Lime Springs, IA

"This ebook is written to make it very easy to understand the scales and even easier to play. What I enjoy most is the fingering tips for the scales."

- Derrick Allen, Mason, OH

"Your scales ebook downloaded and opened with ease."

- Philip Hodge, Baltimore, MD

"Playing Music Scales with Ease has really helped me to understand and play music scales. I was amazed at how fast I learned to play them."

- Marc Johann, West Palm Beach, FL

"What a fantastic reference and learning tool"

- Danielle Bertram. Wichita, KS

"I'm a trumpet player that was introduced to jazz music in college. I started playing my horn late in school 9th grade, so I wasn't introduced to the basics as a part of a formal training curriculum like you would learn in beginners' band or with private instruction. I was on my own to learn on my own. I was familiar enough with music and musical form to where I could play most of the improvisations and progressions by ear, having a "feel" for where the music was going, but never had the educational foundation to know why. With your course, that darkened portion of the room is becoming lit, expanding my ability to expand "by ear" limitations and explore theoretical applications with a good scale foundation.. Thanks again... it's fantastic to have a solid foundation under my feet, so old dogs can learn some new 'licks'!"

- Richard A. West, Pine Bluff, AR

"Your approach to piano scales is such a big help -- it simplifies things."

- Bella Chen, Haifa, Israel

"I was amazed at your book on playing musical scales."

- Peter Attew, Bristol, England

"I have been going to the piano class for 6 months. I have learnt major scales and started to learn minor scales. I would like to get a full understanding of major and minor scales. So I searched through Google and found the Music With Ease website. It was talking about 61 scales and also to play those scales with ease. I bought it immediately and read through. I was full of joy and I felt I have the full understanding of scales."

- Jude Antonito, Sydney, Australia

"I found your book, Playing Music Scales With Ease, to be quite helpful. It makes sense and the little rhymes certainly help one to recall the layout of each scale."

- Lynn Lotter, Birdsboro, PA

"Once again you have outdone yourselves. Playing Music Scales With Ease is a fun way to learn to play scales. This is a great addition to the Music With Ease series*."

- Russell Williams, Pittsburgh, PA

* This series includes books on how to read music notes, how to read ledger lines and how to play popular piano. -- Ed.

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