Here Are Just A Few Comments From Real People All Over the World About 'Reading Ledger Line Notes With Ease':
"I am ... thoroughly impressed. My daughter and I started with the Reading Music Notes book and since then have progressed onto [Reading Ledger Line Notes With Ease]. Quick as a flash we have got the hang of it and the best part is we can both do it together. Thanks for getting my note reading (and my daughter's) back on track again after so many years."

- Clare Doyle, Wattle Grove, WA, Australia

"Fanastic... Loads of valuable information."

- Alexandra Bartolo, Mellieha, Malta

"The poems are a brilliant idea! I myself have always had a poem to read notes that were going upwards, but could never fathom reading notes BELOW the staves. Instead, I've been reciting my poem over and over to see what comes BEFORE the next word."

- Serene Neo, Singapore

"I would have never believed that you could explain musical notation so fast. The second "Music with Ease" book, "Reading Ledger Line Notes" helps going from the basic notes taught so fast in "Reading Music Notes with Ease"* to those tricky notes going outside the lines. I haven't even gone a week since laying my eyes on the first book and I am so much more confident that I'll be able to read notes. And I really never thought it would go this fast. I love the music-with-ease books!"

- Karin van den Berg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

* To see this ebook, visit read music notes -- Ed.

"The bonus material was fascinating."

- Kathleen Carlson, Norfolk, VA

"I have never played the piano before and I always wanted to and with the Reading Ledger Lines Notes it is helping to understand the music so much better."

- Madalyn Shaw, Lindenwold, NJ

"Awesome! ... Now for the first time I can read all 88 keys."

- Hilda Buckley, Arkadelphia, AR

"As a 48 year old working professional I have very little time left to pursue my other interests such as music. I decided to teach myself to play the piano and I've made excellent progress using chord progressions. However, when I decided to teach myself to read music, I found it very tedious and tiring (I only find time to practice late at night)!

That is until I found your ebook during an internet search when I was trying to locate resources to help me with this. Your e-book was very clear and easy to understand and I was able to memorize and apply the short poems to both clefs within a day. My enthusiasm to continue improving my music reading skills has since soared! Thank you for developing a system that really works and is simple to use."

- Albert Navaez, Manati, Puerto Rico

"I just received Reading Ledger Note with Ease.  The format and presentation is outstanding.  I had gotten the book for my son; now think I will learn to play myself using your book."

- Patrick G. Walker, Friendswood, TX

"What a wonderful presentation regarding often confusing and hard to remember information! I so enjoyed learning these methods for remembering these pesky ledger line notes. They have always been daunting to me and I have never mastered them. Now I have simple tools to handle what once seemed like an impossible task :-) "

- Karen Spivack, West Palm Beach, FL

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