Here Are Just A Few Comments From Real People All Over the World About 'Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Adult Beginner':
"This was a fun tutorial. Associating the notes with cartoon characters and stories can enhance one's learning retention on the positioning of notes on the staff. What an innovative method! Thanks again!"

- Marilyn Tanseco, Piscataway, NJ

"As a child I took a few lessons and quit very soon. Something I've regretted for years now. The only thing I could ever remember was the C note, both on the piano and in musical notation. I always had to count from the C to find notes on the piano and on paper. Betty Wagner's method of stories and characters is a guarantee that you won't be able to **forget** the main notes on both the piano and on paper **ever again**. After just a few minutes with this e-book I could find at least 5 notes without trying on the piano, and after half an hour I had the hooks to find notes with ease on paper too. This really helped me get a big step closer to finally learning to play the piano. Learning to read music was my big hurdle, and it's suddenly gotten very low!"

- Karin van den Berg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"Today I ordered your book, Reading Music Notes with Ease, and I have already read the entire book. I have sung in church choirs for years and have even led them on occasion, but I have never encountered the concept of the “anchor notes” on the treble and bass staffs. With practice, using the flash cards of course, I think I will now be more capable of quickly recognizing a note, rather than going through “Good boys do fine always” and “a, c, e, g”. I sing bass and one of my greatest needs is to instantly recognize whether we are singing melody or harmony. I now think I will be able to do this as I sing rather than practicing and memorizing a song. "

- Harvey Halcomb, Wentzville, MO

"I find Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Adult Beginner very cute and it does make you remember the keys. I associate this program as a family and I picture my family in their place. I didn't know anything about the keys until I started reading this book. It was worth the price. Every bit of it."

- Madalyn Shaw, Lindenwold, NJ

"After reading [this ebook] twice, I found the characters and their stories had grown on me. The next time I looked at my music I immediately associated the notes with the characters. It was rather amusing... and effective. "

- Kathleen Carlson, Norfolk, VA

"I found this ebook extremely useful. Even as an adult, it was entertaining and easy to use. I especially liked the flash card section; I think the with continued use I will be able to learn my notes in a 'flash' Thank you!"

- Tracy Hamilton, Hooksett, NH

"Thank you for such a wonderful book. For years I have wanted to learn to read music notes -- thus far only having played by ear (badly). Your book will be my Bible from now on."

- Ray Parrett, London, England

"Being a 42 year old adult beginner for the piano, I was thrilled to find that it only took me 30 minutes to remember all the notes on the Great Staff. It is absolutely amazing."

- Tammy Leung, Hong Kong, China

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