Here Are Just A Few Comments From Real People All Over the World About 'Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner':
"I downloaded the program at about 9pm and couldn't stop playing with it. My daughter and I together started to go through it the next morning and we both love it!  We are really learning the notes - it is so much fun and so colourful to keep her interested. Thank you. "

- Clare Doyle, Wattle Grove, WA, Australia

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons for about 7 months. I just figured out that she has been memorizing her pieces by ear  instead of knowing her notes. This worked for her until her songs got to hard. I told her piano teacher she would not be going to piano for a week so I could teach her the notes. My daughter was not happy about this at all she thought it would be difficult and boring. That night I searched the net for a way I could help her learn them. I came upon the music-with-ease program!! My daughter LOVES this program. She could not wait to do it each day. In one week she learned all of her notes on the key board and is well on her way to knowing them on the staff. THANKS music-with-ease, for making learning fun!!"

- Valli Sharma, Greenwood, MS

"I just purchased your “Reading Music Notes With Ease” so I can help my brother learn to read music.  He can play by ear, but wants to learn to read the melody line. I had been trying to help him and this book will make it so much easier.  He can see on paper what I am trying to explain.  Thank you for your book, it will help so much!! ...  I hope to use your book to teach my granddaughter to play the piano soon.  Thanks for making it easier!"

- Barbara Karbowski, Garland, TX

"As a parent I found the flash cards most helpful in my child's learning. She is taking a group class and this additional help has helper her easily recognize the notes without having difficulty. It has also freed me from having to learn the notes myself and teaching her, which is why I put her in a class. She has enjoyed the structure of the lesson sheets as well. The color is great and captures her attention and keeps her interested in wanting to play. Thank you."

- Vivian Hawkins, Columbus, OH

"Thank you for your program music with ease. I got the program and I love it. I am a new violin player and I'm learning to read music your program is so easy to learn and understand. Again I thank you. God Bless."

Derilyn Parker, Painesville, OH

"Downloaded your ebook earlier this week and what a difference it’s made to my daughter and her ability to read notes. She caught on immediately. The book/program is easy to follow and made something she’s been struggling with easy."

- Kathy Organ, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, Canada

"I'm a music teacher in private practice, and have been looking for new and interesting material that I can adapt and use in some of my classes for the little ones. 

I've  just purchased Reading Music Notes with Ease for the Earliest Beginner and I'm totally amazed at how simple and easy to understand it is!

I'm sure that my younger students will appreciate the "stories" which I will now work into my classes, and I'm especially grateful for the flashcards!

Thanks so much for this wonderful resource!"

- Serene Neo, Singapore

"I purchased your E-book today over the interenet, 'Reading Music Notes With Ease' .

I am very pleased with my purchase, and your ideas of how to teach young beginners the notes are very good, I like the concept of associating the notes with colourful characters, this will be prove to be a good teaching aid.

I teach classical guitar and I am sure I can adapt your ideas to aid my students to memorise the notes."

- Des James, Lancashire, UK

"I purchased Reading Music Noted With Ease. I am very pleased with this item. The format and presentation is outstanding.  I know it will be of a great help for my son."

- Patrick G Walker, Friendswood, TX

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

How right you are. Your book is a world away from what we had to suffer once upon a time, when singing was simply added as a subject to a teacher who did not have enough hours and simply no feeling for music.

For a long time I wanted to learn the music properly but it is very difficult after having been traumatized in your childhood with loveless and senseless teaching.

Your system should become rule to any Primary School anywhere in the world."

- Raymond Pencherek, Fort Myers, FL

"This is just to let you know that I really really enjoyed learning to read music notes with your ebook "Reading Music Notes with Ease - for the Earliest Beginner". I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first because I thought it would only work for children. But it worked very well indeed for me as an adult as well. I do feel pretty confident already with reading the first 21 notes. Just great!"

- Natascha Pohlmann, Mosman, NSW, Australia

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